Toronto Symphony Orchestra FW2016

The new season is about to start. The Toronto Symphony Orchestra, one of the biggest music organizations in town, is launching their opening night with the prestigious soprano Renee Fleming.

The program includes some famous opera excerpts and Maurice Ravel’s symphonic works: Alborada Del Gracioso (Morning Song Of The Jester), and Scheherazade.

Alborada Del Gracioso is one of the five movements in Ravel’s solo piano suite “Miroirs“. The other movements were orchestrated by the other composers but only this movement was done by Ravel himself.

Ravel (1873-1937) is known for his colorful orchestration. His works are deeply influenced by Impressionism. He expanded the use of woodwinds in the orchestra and created unbelievably beautiful and ambiguous images: the light through the tree leaves, the foggy morning at the lake, the little fairy dancing on her tiptoes…etc. His music makes my mind wander and imagine.

If you are a classical music newbie and want to know more, Ravel’s works are a good option to begin with.

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