The Corner On The Map – Fantail

If someone asks me how Fantail is different than the other bakeries, I will tell him/her it’s definitely the quality.

Not only is Fantail authentically French inspired, they use the best quality flour, sugar, eggs, and everything. Every bite of the salad is fresh and exciting, the daily soup is full of flavors, their croissant is crispy and flaky, and the sandwich! I give its sandwich the highest rating.

I also like its leek and aged cheddar scone. It’s dense and moist. There’s nothing more disappointing than a dry scone. Its scone is a good size for two people to share.

Fantail is rated one of the top 10 best French bakeries in Toronto by BlogTO. It’s not cheap, but it is worth every penny.


Fantail doesn’t offer Wifi. So bring a book or friend and enjoy the time without internet.

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