The Corner On The Map -Delysees

Delysees was rated one of the best macaron places in Toronto. Located on King West, Delysees is an authentic French bakery. The exterior and interior are modern contemporary, and maybe a bit cold. I passed by many times but its look did not interest me.

However I had a chance to stop by. The colourful macarons immediately grabbed my attention. Along with these fancy little treats, there were many pastry and baked goods. I had a decent croissant and delicious vanilla choux. The poppy seed in the vanilla custard made it refreshing and not too heavy. The presentation was beautiful with a touch of gold flake.

Both experiences were good enough to make me go back again. If it’s too far for you, you can get the croissants at Sorry Coffee Co. in yorkville too.


One thought on “The Corner On The Map -Delysees

  1. If you like those colourful macaroons I have a bucket list tip for you: If you ever travel to Switzerland make a point to visit a Sprüngli chocolate store and ask for “Luxemburgerli” (macaroons).
    They are so deliciously devine, you’ll find yourself wondering out loud, why the salesperson doesn’t have Swiss citizenship applications at the ready?

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