Michelle is the first friend I made when I moved to Toronto. We played a gig together that involved a lot of instrument moving. Because we both have Taiwanese background, we soon became close friends. How old are you? Younger than when Full House began but older than The Simpsons’  tv show premiere. What do you do?  I’m a sound editor and re-recording mixer at The Farmhouse Creative Labs where I have the opportunity to work on post-production audio for tv shows, documentaries andRead more


I got to know Sarah more during a tour with the Toronto Symphony Orchestra. She is quiet and shy, but a hell of a good violinist.   How old are you? 32. Occupation? Musician. Favourite season? Summer. What do you like Toronto the most? It’s a multicultural and cosmopolitan city. What do you eat for breakfast usually? Any reason? Whatever is around my kitchen table, plus an apple. No particular reason, haha. What the other instrument would you play if you didn’tRead more


Cecilia has an artist’s soul. She is shy and quiet, talented and perseverant, beautiful and humble. Looking through the her photos, to me she is a bit of a mix between Miranda Kerr and Andreea Diaconu. Cecilia’s website: www.ceciliadivito.com Cecilia’s instagram: @ceciliadivito   How old are you? 21. What is your occupation?  Student and aspiring photographer/graphic designer. What is your favourite thing for breakfast?  I usually have eggs with avocado, tomato, and spinach, some seasonal fruit, and hot lemon water. MyRead more


The first time I met Forest, she was chatting with her mom. She looked calm, mature beyond her age. Then we met a few times in the local coffee shop where she worked. Later on I learned that she started a blog, herHabitat, for women to speak. I appreciate the dedication this young girl shows. I mean, all I did in my early 20s was practice music in a little room with a metronome. When she asked me if I would likeRead more

Toronto Design Offsite Festival 2017

January went by faster than I realized. I may have spent too much time recovering from post-election symptoms, but I didn’t forget about Lo Hanging Fruit. Last week I finally got a morning off to wander around in the city. It was very fun to see the small exhibitions and the window installations spread out over Toronto. Here are some photos that I took during my wandering. Translucent @Image Foundry, 1581 Dupont St. Pet Furniture @Helen + Hildegard, 3036 Dundas St. W.Read more

Prokofiev Piano Concerto #3

October went by so fast that I didn’t even get to update the blog… however I would love to share some thoughts on one of my favourite piano concertos. Sergei Prokofiev (1891-1953) was a Russian and Soviet composer. His works are well known as their sarcastic, dark humour, and percussive characteristics. Prokofiev often uses odd jumps in the melodies to give the music tension and quirkiness. The third piano concerto is probably the most commonly played among the five piano concertos.Read more

Canadian Opera Company FW2016 Opening: Norma

It has been about 10 years since the last time the Canadian Opera Company played this production. Why? Because it is one of the most challenging operas for singers, especially the role of Norma. To be able to perform Norma, the soprano needs the greatest vocal control of her range, flexibility, emotions, and dynamics to present the conflicts of Norma’s life. Norma is the Druid high-priestess, yet betrays her religion and followers to have a love affair with the leaderRead more