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Michelle is the first friend I made when I moved to Toronto. We played a gig together that involved a lot of instrument moving. Because we both have Taiwanese background, we soon became close friends.

How old are you?

Younger than when Full House began but older than The Simpsons’  tv show premiere.

What do you do? 

I’m a sound editor and re-recording mixer at The Farmhouse Creative Labs where I have the opportunity to work on post-production audio for tv shows, documentaries and full length films. I get to be a Foley artist sometimes as well, where I physically create sound effects for what you see on screen by wearing different kinds of shoes, rubbing different fabrics, and using all kinds of fun props! Some of my favourites have been using an umbrella for recreating angel wings and the time I got to make gushy sounds with food for horror scenes.

What is your favourite month? Why? 

It’s hard to tell when exactly spring is nowadays in Toronto, but when the weather first hits 17-20 degrees and the sun is out, the flowers are blooming, and I can ride my bike—there’s no other feeling quite like it.

Are you a beach person or mountain person? 

I’m a “warm-weather mountain” kind of person. I love greenery and animals.

Where do you want to travel to the most at this moment? Why?

I would love to go back to Japan. I went years ago with my family but this time I would love to travel all over the island, from Hokkaido to Kagoshima. I love Japanese food and have a deep appreciation for their traditional and modern art. My goal is to go sometime in the spring to catch their hanami festivals.

What do you usually eat for breakfast? Why? 

I usually have two eggs on a slice of bread with a glass of milk and fruit on the side. Nice and simple! I’m not a picky eater though, I like switching it up all the time.

If you had one wish, what would it be? 

To live a healthy and meaningful life.

Any words you live by?

Keep it simple, stupid.


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I got to know Sarah more during a tour with the Toronto Symphony Orchestra. She is quiet and shy, but a hell of a good violinist.


How old are you?




Favourite season?


What do you like Toronto the most?

It’s a multicultural and cosmopolitan city.

What do you eat for breakfast usually? Any reason?

Whatever is around my kitchen table, plus an apple. No particular reason, haha.

What the other instrument would you play if you didn’t play violin?

Piano and all the fun percussion instruments.

What do you do when you are not playing music?

When I’m not practicing, I like to read blogs, cook, and window shop!

What are the things you cannot live without?

My violin and my phone lol.

Any words you live by?

Be humble, work hard, be kind.


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Cecilia has an artist’s soul. She is shy and quiet, talented and perseverant, beautiful and humble. Looking through the her photos, to me she is a bit of a mix between Miranda Kerr and Andreea Diaconu.

Cecilia’s website: www.ceciliadivito.com

Cecilia’s instagram: @ceciliadivito


How old are you?


What is your occupation? 

Student and aspiring photographer/graphic designer.

What is your favourite thing for breakfast? 

I usually have eggs with avocado, tomato, and spinach, some seasonal fruit, and hot lemon water. My favourite thing for breakfast is chocolate chip pancakes.

What do you like to do when you are out of the house? 

I love going out for walks and listening to music – it doesn’t matter if it’s sunny or raining because the fresh air puts me in a great mood. I also love browsing book stores and art stores, and taking photos.

If you could live in any city and money was not a consideration, what city would you choose? Why? 

If money wasn’t an issue, I think I would find an uninhabited tropical island and build a tree house.

What is your ideal lifestyle? 

I want to maintain a healthy routine of organic eating, exercising, and trying new hobbies- right now that comes and goes in phases for me.

What do you think this society needs most these days? Why?

People who choose love, forgiveness, and the spreading of genuine happiness to show the world that we are all connected and in this together.

What are the things you cannot live without? 

Chap stick, my camera, and tea.

Name your favourite Italian food or pastry? 

Authentic Italian pizza, the best comes from a little town outside of Rome.


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The first time I met Forest, she was chatting with her mom. She looked calm, mature beyond her age. Then we met a few times in the local coffee shop where she worked. Later on I learned that she started a blog, herHabitat, for women to speak. I appreciate the dedication this young girl shows. I mean, all I did in my early 20s was practice music in a little room with a metronome.

When she asked me if I would like to do an interview for her blog, I felt honoured. I asked her if she would do the same for mine and let me take a few photos.

Forest’s website: herhabitat.ca

Forest’s instagram: @herhabitatblog


How old are you? 

I am 21 years!

What is your occupation? 

Barista and writer.

What is your favourite thing for breakfast? 

Classic sausage and eggs. Sunnyside up, rye toast, home fries, and like a dozen mini maple sausages if I’m being perfectly honest. Or savoury oatmeal. I’ve really been digging that lately. There’s a recipe on my instagram https://www.instagram.com/p/BOxhcTEDGYW/?taken-by=forestgreenwell

What is your favourite time of the day? Why? 

Dawn. There is nothing comparable to the quality of light at that time of day, and it always brings with it a calmness that comes with something new, but also something familiar. It’s usually quiet in my home, often I’m up because I can’t sleep, the sun through my window is warming my face, or I have to get ready for work so it’s a very intimate, personal time of reflection that I don’t really get at any other time of the day. It’s also the only time of day I want to be alone – more than just being okay with it but finding it necessary. That’s an important thing to me.

What are the things you cannot survive without? 

Probably a journal. My morning pages. Yoga. A kitchen I’m comfortable in. My bike. All I really need in life are the things that make me happy and feel grounded. I believe that those are the simplest, most basic bones of my life. Consequently these are also often the most over-looked – by myself included.

What has inspired you the most recently? A book, movie, person, song, event… etc.? How? 

You know, I’m honestly inspired by so many different things constantly. I am mostly I think inspired by more of a mishmash of the world and how it all presents itself to me, not as individual things but as experiences. That being said, specific things are flavours (coffee, wine, spices), spirituality (wicca, medatation, yoga), and recently humour (specifically, David Sedaris – Me Talk Pretty One Day).

Musically I’ve been feeling Freddie Joachim for jazzy electric sounds and Lady Lamb for her new album and the lyrical quality of it. My partner also is constantly inspiring me and moving me forward. I also try to reflect on and assess the things I’ve accomplished and learned.

In your generation, what do you think frustration comes from?

Wanting to be like the version of yourself you post on social media.

Why did you want to start the blog “herHabitat”? Where do you see it going? 

I started it because I always loved writing and had become to really tuned into self-awareness and growth and what it meant. I didn’t think that personally I had enough to say, but also I wanted to create a safe space for people to be able to explore and share themselves.

It started off as a very female and feminist movement but has grown a lot into something I want all people to feel safe and comfortable with. Accepting that I was a hypocrite in the creation of myself and that I had thoughts and ideas that clashed and contradicted each other was a very big thing for me. I want other people to be able to see and be honest with themselves because it’s such a hard thing to do, but also so wonderful.

Any words you live by? 

Be not so sweet that they eat you up, nor so bitter that they spit you out – People do not do things to you, people just do things – Whatever falls off your plate, the dog will eat – We all contain multitudes.

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